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About Me

I am Tejas Limkar. I am an avid and voracious reader and consider myself quite the bibliophile. I have read a wide variety of books both fiction and non-fiction and take particular pleasure in reading newspapers daily. I have a creative flair and explore it through blogging.

I have previously in a position of responsibility in software tester capacity at Capgemini. I had volunteered for an NGO called Masoom and was instrumental in teaching English to students of vernacular medium.

Being an outgoing person, I love to try out new things professionally and personally. I love travelling and regularly go trekking and hiking. I am a sports fanatic and excel in table tennis, badminton, cricket, swimming, and unwind on weekends by playing these sports.

I love music and am quite deft with the acoustic guitar. I am currently in the middle of my advanced learning of the instrument.

I have a tremendous zest for life which, I believe, makes me very endearing.

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