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Monday, 22 January 2018

New Year Special- Rowdy RCF boys VS Lafangey Parindey

The year 2017 was very eventful for me. A dilemma that I face ( any body would face) as I write this article is to give a concise synopsis of the major events of a whole year. I could write realms upon realms and what I write could probably fill shelf after shelf in a library but still spill over. For that matter, I have decided to mention a only a paragraph or so of the year and move my narrative to the new year celebrations.

Hakuna Matata

Enough said! Now getting to the meaty part! My childhood friends and I usually plan a trip every year end. Previously, my friends had traveled to Thailand and had been raving about the trip ever since. I was determined not to miss out this year and was really looking forward to it. So much so that I was ready to take leave from my office even though I was in my probation period and yet to be a confirmed employee. We had grand plans for Bhutan but eventually they tapered down to Alibaug. (read every planned trip ever) .The early enthusiasm for flight tickets to foreign travel petered down to fuel contribution for the friends car to nearly beach destination!

Lafangey Parinday VS Rowdy RCF boys

We were joined by another set of friends. By the large the bifurcation had become something like this:
The Lafangey Parindeys: This group mainly comprised of suave and sophisticated individuals who were very polite in the game. You could always count on them to be honest and true. They very much liked to honour the spirit of the game. Tip thy hats to this league of extraordinary gentlemen:

  • Tejas Limkar (Me, enough said)
  • Deepak Mvelu (Future Star of Men in Black part 4)
  • Abhijeet Kanaparthi (Probably the guy who is most sorted in life)
  • Ronak Devadiga (Bass man, budding entrepreneur and musician) 
  • Paras Joshi (Start up whiz kid) 

The Rowdy RCF boys: RCF colony is a quaint and quiet place in Chembur. Don't let the sobriquet for the locality fool you though. It is home to some of the wildest beasts in India. They are known for their rowdy ways (as the name indicates) and are determined to win games by any means possible and involve in fair bit of cheating. A rowdier (again as their name suggests) bunch of hooligans you must have never encountered in your life (and probably never will). A majority of the guys have past criminal records:
  • Abhiraj Tandale (Tondu, founding member of the fearsome Nalla gang)
  • Ajay Sasane (Ladies, wanted for theft of large consignment of condoms in Chembur locality)
  • Ganapati Pai (Right hand man of Tondu, known for links to US underworld and mafia)
  • Rohit Nikam ( known associate of the Nalla gang)
  • Abhisekh Haware (chauffeur of the henchmen)
  • The bagpiper boys (led by Tayde)

We first started with football on the beach side. The weather was wonderful and the beach pristine.

Needless to say the Lafengey Parindey played with flair and flamboyance that would put top clubs of Europe to shame. As eloquent their style of play was, the RCF boys played very rough. The RCF boys tried all the tricks in the bag to put the Lafengey Parindey off their game. No prizes for guessing who won the match.

As the day wore on we did enjoy frolicking. There were a couple of water sport events too that we tried out.  All-in-all a fun day at the beach!

Later we returned to the the place we had booked to prepare for the new year celebrations.

The tables and the chairs were arranged in the manner that would put the knights at the round table to shame.

 The festivities began very early and (goes without saying) went on till late night. All hostilities were forgotten as friend and foe dined together. For obvious reasons I am refraining from  pictures of the festivities. Would be too grotesque for some readers.

It was quite late (or early, not really sure; I guess it depends what you call a near 3-4 AM ) when we finally turned to our beds. All the bakasurs in the house had devoured the food by then and the stocks ran dry.

The morning sun came and went but we slept well into the day. Can't really think of a better way to usher in the new year!

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