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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mamma Mia- My Mother's 51st Birthday Celebration

It is quite common for a parent to celebrate a child's birthday with great pomp. Parents go out of their way (especially Indian parents 😜) to make their wards day very special. Chocolates, cakes and presents come to mind. It was no different for me as a child. Every year I used to wait for that one day when my family would pamper over me and fulfill all my wishes. Not that it was any different on other days, but but I guess a birthday always has an exceptional allure. Perhaps it is really the love and special attention that I was showered that really made the day special in the true sense of the term.

It is only natural to return the favour now that I have come of age. This post is about how we celebrated my mother's birthday.

Mummy dearest

Let me fill in a few details about my mother before I go to the celebrations part.
My mother, Varsha, was born on a rainy day on May 21 1966. It is highly unusual for rains to come so early but on that particular day the clouds opened and it poured generously.
Perhaps the Gods were happy that this wonderful being was sent to earth on that fateful day and probably sent in celebratory showers. For this reason my mother was named Varsha or rains in Marathi.
Eldest in all her siblings, she shouldered responsibility since an early age. The most studious of the lot, she quickly established herself as an an academic and always stood among the top three in her class.
Being the eldest meant that she was the first to graduate and the first to earn. As the social fabric stood at that time, she assisted the family in every way she could. All her younger sublings would be pampered with gifts from her. She never held in their time of need and has continued this trend to this day.
For this reason, all her siblings call her a second mother for she has showered all the love a benevolent mother gives. Goes without saying that me being her son was the greatest benefactor of her gentle nature.

The Celebrations

The occasion was planned well in advance. Only roadblock-my mother wasn't ready for a grand celebration. It took a close to a million cajoling for my mother to finally agree. I image she would've had a fit or a seizure if a surprise birthday was kept so that was never really considered.

A banquet hall was booked and a family get together was planned. For an initial plan of nearly 15 members the guest list swelled to 40 on the day of the event. (We Indians!). 

I guess when it comes to family, more is more the merrier. When the party got underway there was much merrymaking as all family had gathered together after a long time.

Of course there was song and dance and good food! I rather let the pictures do the talking.


Here is a little dance video from the day. You can see almost all the guest swing a leg there. I stayed away though. I was busy collecting pictures. 😜

Incidentally, the first time I saw my grandmother wear a salwar kameez.

I get a feeling she was very happy that evening. 😊

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