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Monday, 17 April 2017

ARTery-A link to Life

 In ancient times, the Roman culture had a rich traditions of oral debates. Indeed these debates formed a central part of not only their social life but administrative life as well. The Roman senate would wrangle and content many aspects of an issue before enacting a formal law. Such discourse conducted over a millennial ago are well documented aspect of the Roman civilization and to a great extent have been credited with the flourishing of the empire.

Closer home, India had known Vaidyavidya since time immemorial. The tradition of passing knowledge by word is well known. The teaching and leanings from such deliberations are well recorded and have since passed throughout generations. They may have perhaps given rise to the vedas, the much revered legacy of ancient India.

In this age of maddening technology and gadgets you would be forgiven to think such oral velitation have been lost in time. It is, therefore, very heartening to see a bunch of individuals come together, take up the mantle and revive this heritage of mankind. Members of ARTery do just that!

Redefining the Unconventional- The Artery Way


The essence of ARTery is healthy, peaceful and stimulating discussion. Every month, a select few congregate together at one place, ponder over a topic and deliberate on length. Every discussion begins with the moderator reiterating that the point of the meetup is a hearty and wholesome discussion on the topic. Participating individuals are free to express their opinions. Contentions are encouraged but in a harmonious way.

The origins of Artery can be traced to Swathi Nair, a piquant individual who set about creating a clique who would be interested in having intriguing discussions. This search yielded good results as many like minded people quickly jumped on the wagon.

Members are a mixed bunch. There is no cap on members age.

The oldest youngest member Brian is one crackling personality and gives the youth a run for the money. Assad (Assad Khan from India, not Bashar al-Assad from Syria), the wisecrack (contrary to what his name might suggest) whips up jokes on demand. Sridutt is a philosopher in the making. Chetan is an author and has three books already to his name. Along similar lines Jeny, the artist, and Shruti, the singer, do give exhibitions of their talents. Rohit is a musician and as far as musicians go, quite a gifted one. Sahaj is an intrepid explorer. Artery in its ranks has people with incredible qualification as well; chief among them Gauri, a charted accountant. Avi and Rohan are experts in out-of-body experiences. (Yes, they do discuss such things!!). Likith is an avid rider and adventurer and so is Trilok!

The topics by themselves are quite unconventional and do not necessarily follow text-bookish approach or concurrent issues.

Goosebumps galore!!

To get a good idea just how maverick and free spirited the discussions can get, take the recent meetups on Astral Projections.
But these are just words and one has to experience or meet up with people who go have gone through such thing. ARTery has in its ranks people who not only have experienced but do it on regular basis! The topic was so intriguing that the length of the discussion got stretched by another session and people still had more to say.

Varying Venues

The meetup has always had a good variety of venues. The one when I first encountered this crazy group was in Qtube cafe, Bandra. Imagine my surprise when the next meet up was planned at Sanjay Gandhi National Park!
A good talk apart, we had a pleasant Sunday amidst nature. We even had a chance encounter with deers in the park!

The Retreat

Although the essence of ARTery is having good succulent conversions, it is not limited to that alone. Every quarter, a short trip is planned. All members pitch-in and make arrangement for a hideout a little away from the city. This time around this rambunctious lot rented a spacious bungalow for the weekend. Needless to say everybody was pumped up and the energy showed.

There were songs, poems (yes that happens very often!) and a lot of merrymaking. It was childhood revisited.

The group bonded well over cooking, kayaking and to the merit of the avid adventurer swimming as well! There also happened to be a bake session and dreamcatcher workshop! (This writer really wanted to attend the retreat and enjoy all the fun but was unfortunately laid low with a severe bout of viral hepatitis)

 There is a palpable human side to the group. We usually celebrate our birthdays with our loved ones but how about a birthday where we actually spread love? The team did just that when they all visited an orphanage on Sridutt's birthday.


ARTery turns one!


This brainchild of Swathi (the group admin) has turned one this April and without a doubt helped many an individual come out of their shell, spread their wings and fly.

Offcourse, the team celebrated their turning a year old with a grand lunch!

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