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Friday, 3 February 2017

My Friend, My Guide and My Manager- Bhupesh Kothari #thecoolestmanagerever

Allow me to clarify that there has been no mistake with the title of the post. Yes, you read the title  right; a manager can be your good friend and a great guide (as you will undoubtedly gather as you read further down the post).
As indicative of the title, this blog post is about such a manager who really goes the extra mile to ensure the team (and the individuals therein) are very much in the zone to deliver as per requirement.

Regal Renegade!  

If you were to look into Bhupesh's managing style you would clearly see that he is a very dynamic person and scores over the traditional mindset of management in all aspect. 
Do not be fooled by his size for he is the heart, soul and brain of the team. A lively and energetic man, he is the same on the floor as he is in a party. His conduct are a lesson in communication skills for the team. 

Then again, that is just one of the qualities that make the man so endearing. I, and by extension the team, have benefited on a number of occasions from his foresight and clarity of thought. It would not be an exaggeration if I were to say to he taught us to be Reliable, Relentless and Responsive.

The team imbues a lot of qualities from the manager and Bhupesh has been instrumental in shaping many a careers in his tenure. Bhupesh is one of the most genial and approachable managers on the floor and we used to always rely on his word for feedback and support. 

We learned a lot of things from Bhupesh but one of the important things we picked up from him is to how to be a good human being.

Aye Captain! Lead on the Professional Pirates!

It has been a privilege to work with him as an executive. The team has goes beyond the professional level and has filial ties with him. 
As genial a man as he is, his quirky style of presenting confirmation has been well noted and appreciated by the team. He once sent a confirmation gift wrapped in an amazon package. Who would go to such lengths, really!

Bhupesh played no favourites and every member of the team is equal and just as important to him. It is worth hearing what the team has to say about Bhupesh. I am quoting the team members here. 

Manisha has put it nicely in this letter here. 

Jagruti, a relatively recent addition to the team got quite a lot to tell about Bhupesh

"Bhupesh means "King" and as his name depicts, he is one...'King of our team'. He is everyhting a team expects from a manager- caring, protective, humble, kind, approachable, (add more adjectives, if you have more better ones :P). We are surely going to miss him. Team members are quite a lot pampered by him, I joined late so hvnt yet got much of pamperings, when my time had come, he was all set to resign. But being for a month atleast, I have felt and have experienced (not much but fir bhi thoda bhut) Bhupesh's love towards the team n team members, when he dint allow me to have lunch alone, when he tried to make me explain that I should talk more, interact more basically and being stuck to PC wont help in my improvement. I have to make frnz as well, i need to have fun while working"

Manthan adds the quoted below text to add to the burgeoning list of grateful team members.

"Bhupesh has always been my motivation guru in Packt. He has always held my hand during my bad times and celebrated with me during my good times. I have a lot to write about him, but next sentence speaks everything about our relationship. Bhupesh has not just been my manager throughout my tenure at Packt, but has also been my elder brother.Thank you Bhupesh for all the good and bad experiences. Because of these experiences have I evolved so much. These experiences have increased my faith in me so that I can handle all the occupational stress easily. You will always be there in my Packt memories. :)"

Dinesh has been a direct beneficiary of Bhupesh's benevolence. This is what he would like to say.
"It's been great journey so far. I never thought transition from college to professional life would be easy but with you around it never seemed hard. Thank you for great memories.Have a great life ahead!"

Vikas was very eager to put in a few words

What can I say about this man? The mentor,  the friend, and a true Monsieur.I started my journey in Packt with him. This is my first job, so my impression of a Manager was a person who has some stern instructions and we have to follow him. But then I met him, he is totally opposite to what I just mentioned above. He is so calm and motivated. The positivity reflects on his face and we get a vibe from him that nothing is impossible in this world; you just need to take a required action on time.It’s sad to see him go, but everything happens for a good reason and I am sure this man has plans larger than life and he will execute that with firm dedication and devotion.Since we both have a Salman connection, I would like to end this with one of his quotes:“Do whatever you want to do Bhupesh, but do remember us for the rest of your life”

Even former employees and team members pitch-in. Pranil put it this way
"Bhupesh taught me about how to interact with people, both internal as well as external.
He taught me many things about time management, and how manage both quality as well as quantity
He is very supportive, and protective towards he's team members in case they are involved in any issues
Overall very helpful, cooperative and has command over his speech"

Tributes Galore

 The good will that he has generated during the duration of his time in the organization is a good reflection of the man he is. 
This sentiment of familial ties is echoed across the organization. His colleagues have this to say about him

Tanvi says- "Sometimes, a lot of words aren’t needed, it’s just the emotions that work for you. You are someone who has always managed to get a smile on my face when I was low. We’ve got so many happy moments and so many memories – From Nashik, to D9, to Pop tates, to Karaoke, to gossiping, to tapri ki chai, to the long serious talks on life, to some random discussions, to laughing at stupid things, to “channa mereya” and to always being there! All the best Bhupesh, I’m definitely going to miss you a lot :’("

Azhar chips in with
"Dear Bhupesh,
I am glad I got the opportunity to work with you. We really had a great time, you me and Bharath when we worked on so many reports, RCAs, title output, revenue, etc. It was fun.
I learned a lot from you during this time, really. Cheers to the time we have spent together."
This is straight from his very good friends at Packt,
"We have shared a lot of good memories from singing - having cutting, D9, Hukka, teasing the crap out of each other. You had our back at the toughest time and we can't thank you enough for it. We are going to miss it all. But We're glad nobody would be reminding us of 34% time and again :P You are a gem of a person. Be the way you are ! you will always be our - Andho mai kana raja ;)
All the best! We will miss you loads
From Ami Anu "

We are gonna miss you, Bhupi!

We are all gonna miss Bhupesh. It is going to take some work finding a appropriate replacement for him. The team even made a caricature of him

And his trademark hairstyle captured in all glory
Thank you for all the memories, Bhupesh!

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