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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A Vaudevillian Affair #WeAtPackt

'Office' is one word that stirs a wide array of emotions. Beguiling, entertaining and action packed are not the adjectives you may have had in mind. How about an organisation that does just that?

Welcome to Packt. You will find these objectives very much embodied in the work culture. In these days of crony corporatocracy it comes as welcome break to find a firm that genuinely cares for the well being of the employees. We also had a free health checkup in the office!

I have been with the company for a relatively short time. But then again 'company' is a really strong word. Here at Packt everybody has become a part of my extended family. (This includes the housekeeping, security and the cafeteria staff as well).

The Curtain Raiser

Since the time I joined the firm, I had been hearing a lot about the Packt Annual bash.The Curtain Raiser served a wonderful precursor to the main event. The dance sequence certainly piqued everybody's interests and had them craving for more.

Packt Annual Bash

November 25th was a very memorable day in 2016. The entire office turned up well decked for the gala. 

 We had high expectations from the event. At 6:30 pm we headed off to Hotel Kohinoor Continental at Chakala. Sure enough the venue didn't disappoint.

Soon the event was underway. The opening was just as explosive as promised. A traditional dance performance added a wonderful desi flavour to the event.

Next up was a Power PACKT performance by Nilesh and group.

If you thought the all higher management of a company was stoic and sat on a ivory-tower, think again. All the big fish were seen doing the Boogie-Woogie.

A gem of a performance by Kevin Sequeira. The guy has a very melodious voice. His rendition of Savage Garden got everybody on their feet, tapping and dancing to the his beats.

No dearth of guitarists at Packt. Another performance that drew wide applause.

Mimicry at its best! Rishi had the audience in splits with his impeccable impersonation of Bollywood personalities.

Don't you get an Adrenaline Rush just looking at the picture? The cool quotient of the party just soared with this performance.

A mesmerising performance that is sure to stay for a long time in the audience's memory.

Reigning queens at Packt. They do add a good glam quotient, don't they?

Every year Packt sends the best performer to its headquarters in Birmingham. Isn't this a wonderful way to motivate the employees? I hope to become the Employee of the Year some day!!!

All the king's men, the managers in attendance.

All Packt employees in rapt attention as another amazing performance is underway.

Surprise surprise!! No queues for the food. (We Indians simply love our buffet dinner). Maybe the long queues at the ATM could take a cue from us!

No employee feels left out in the festivities. Everybody had to dance, dance, dance!

Can you really have a party and leave Babu's boys out of it? They were right in the mix at the gala.

The head honchos (HR department) pose for a group photo.

It was well past midnight when the thought of returning home finally hit me. I reached home tired and drenched to the core but still hungry for more!

The Morning After....

This is true, believe me. Considering the extravaganza of the night, it was quite an achievement.

Jingle all the way....

Not since my school days (Christmas in school meant goodies and holidays throughout Christmas!) have I had so much fun. 
Santa did come a visiting this year. No I did not have to build a chimney at home. Santa came to office and distributed goodies.

 Jolly Santa even hung around for a selfie!

Bay Decorations...

The bay decorations were so articulate that you would be forgiven for confusing the floor for the North Pole. A series of photographs are just going to display the enthusiasm shown by everybody on the floor.

Christmas Carols...

After all Christmas is never complete without Christmas Carols.

Santa and all the elves

Secret Santa...

My secret Santa gifted me Guitar Accessories

And with this my Acoustic guitar collection was complete.

Donate a Toy, Spread some Joy...

Only because the joy of getting is bettered by the joy of giving. We had donate a toy campaign in office. It is rightly said by Winston Churchill, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give ... "

Coffers are already full and brimming over!!!

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