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Monday, 17 October 2016

Professional Pirates!!!

The Background

It has been a hectic week at my new organization. I put special emphasis on the word 'new' because PACKT does not feel like a new place at all. It has hardly been a month and I am completely at home here!
My breakfast group
My lunch group

I have a very able trainer in Mehvash Fatima and a very nurturing manager in Bhupesh Kothari. The training has not been easy and I have had to wrack my gray cells on quite a few occasions. As I mentioned in my previous post PACKT has an open work culture and the people here are very obliging and congenial. The bonus is the in-house library. The facility has a very good collection of books.
My Trainer, Mehvash

The 'Business' End of Matter

It wouldn't hurt to say that I have enjoyed every moment here. There is never a dull moment in office. I have adjusted very well and made quite a lot of friends. I have my breakfast group which is ,as the name suggests, people I have breakfast with. Similarly, I have a separate lunch group as well.
Poster of the Clash of the Packtians event
We recently had a 'Clash of the Packtians' social event in office. It was a fun-filled event meant to stimulate a spirit of cohesion and I would say it certainly achieved its goal. There were three rounds. The first round was collecting items beginning with the letters from each alphabet. It was very amusing to see people run helter-skelter at full pelt trying to gather the objects. We were supposed to collect twenty-one items and the artifacts had to meet social event volunteers approval. The second round was a logo quiz round where team members had to identify the trademark of the organizations. The third round was marketing a product in a very humorous and comical way. Every team had prepared a skit and the wit and tongue-in-cheek manner in which all the routines were enacted made us all laugh. The fourth round was a treasure hunt with clues hidden all along the office compound and the team had to dig their heels deep to find them all. As anti-climactic it may sounds, our team could not make it beyond the first round.

The name of our team is Professional Pirates. The pinnacle of the past week in office has to be the team dinner. It is biannual occurrence and I feel very lucky to have joined the organization at this time of the year. The run-up to the gala included fervent discussion about the venue. Our manager, Bhupesh, had polled our opinion and we originally planned to go to a food eatery in Saki Naka. But due to some inadvertent issues, we changed the setting. We landed up at Barbeque Nation!

 Our appetites were whetted by the excellent starters. The rounds were repeated as per our demand. The feast was of gastronomical proportions and I lost count of the chicken, prawn, and fish sticks I had. The tandoor was simply luscious. I even a sneaked in a veg starter or two in between. I thoroughly enjoyed the delicacies and the starters were by far the best part  of the dinner. The delectable connoisseur that I am, I did not miss out on any item and relished everything with utmost diligence.The main course was no less appetizing. I am very partial to soups so I enjoyed the African chicken peanut soup. The crab masala was succulent and so was the chicken and fish curry. The dessert was a wider assortment of ice creams, kulfis, and pastries. We had a jolly time taking selfies later in the evening.

All in all I, along with my teammates, had a scrumptious dinner!!

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