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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Proud to be a Packtian!!!

In my previous post, I have mentioned my long journey to employment at Packt publishing and the fortuitous way in which I secured the job. I am now going to elaborate about my first week at Packt.
Before I ramble about my adventures and misadventures at Packt I am going to talk about the firm.Packt , pronounced packed, is a print on demand company based in Birmingham ,UK. It offers print as well as e-books in several formats. Its mission is to put software to use in new ways,through the delivery of effective learning and information services to IT professionals.Its vision is  to be the number 1 choice of IT professionals, trusted to build actionable knowledge quickly and effectively.
During the course of  my interview, I was asked these particulars about the company.Fortunately for me, I had done my research and recited them verbatim to my senior manager. Its values are act,create,be open,commit,grow and connect.
 The website of the firm can be found here .

I joined Packt on 20th of September 2016. Packt has a casual dress code, meaning that it employees need not wear business formals. Coming from the IT industry it was a welcome change to see people dressed in casuals in office. After a brief induction, I was informed of the various departments of the organization,the basic rules, and regulations that an employee needs to know on the very first day. I was led to my desk and introduced to my manager.I was accustomed to clean-cut managers in my days in Capgemini, therefore, I was very surprised to see that my manager had a ponytail. He cut a smart and suave figure in the office. I was assigned my computer on the very first day. I was very fortunate to have joined on that particular day as the company was having a 'Dress your Manager  Day' event in  office. It was a day when all team members had to dress up their managers in various get-ups. I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Needless to say, it was a fun activity. It was very entertaining to see all the managers parade in their costumes and gear.We were to later vote for the best-dressed manager.And the winning entry for the event turned out to be Captain Jack Sparrow!!!
 I have been to office parties and fests organized by Capgemini but I should remark that the whole event at Packt had a touch of informality about it. The surprises did not end here.The next day the facilities team had organized a 'Chat festival'.I just gorged on the delicious chat items.The menu comprised of Sev puri,Pani puri, Dahi puri,Bhel, Ragda puri and complementary lemon drink.

I was introduced to my trainer.We got down to the business end and had a detailed discussion about the publishing cycle.I have been assigned my tasks and thoroughly enjoying my role as a Content Development Editor.The role is nowhere close to my engineering background and certainly miles away from the IT sector where I was previously working.

There is a concept of open work culture at Packt. I find the people here very friendly and approachable.In my first week at Packt, I have realized that the organization allows a lot of leeway to the employees but in  no terms can it be called casual.

We are all professionals who would not mind a little fun along the way as long as we achieve our goals and targets.

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