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Sunday, 7 June 2015


Slight drizzle
Moist Smell
Heart-Skip a Beat

Yes it is June and the monsoons are just round the corner.Every year the monsoon bring relief from the scorching summer sun.The monsoon is the most awaited season in India.I am no exception to this and eagerly await the onset of Monsoon seasons.

Every pakka Mumbaikar has a ritual associated with the Monsoons.We feel rejuvenated in the rains and drain all our emotional baggage.The chai and bhajjis follow.It is at once a cathartic feeling that every Mumbaikar enjoys every year.If one cares to venture out to enjoy the monsoons he may do so at the Marine Lines Promenade,Worli seaface,Bandstand,or the various beaches lining the coast of Mumbai.A deluge moves within you as waves come crashing over the promenade.The strand  of memory where you walked in the rains with your loved one by your side.The drizzle uplifts your spirit.

There is no doubt that Mumbai is enchanting during the rains.Children enjoy themselves the most during the rains.If I dig a little into my memories I conjure happy images enjoying myself in the rains.I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the puddles that formed and splashed around in the mud.I see young children enjoying themselves in the rain and my mind cant help but wander to those happy times of childhood.

Indeed the rains refresh one's mind. The sultry atmosphere clears the fog around your mind.

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