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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Life portends....

Hear ye the ramblings of a 22 year old yogi

Life is a gift. Each of us has been bestowed with this gift. Yet few realize it and fewer are able to extract the most of it.

Life is a single abstract idea that each of us defines in our own unique way.Every individual has their own mental projection of his or her own life. This post is not to question God or theology but explore a deeply philosophical discourse. Each of us has some goal in life and every one of us goes about achieving it. To achieve what one truly desires one must set goals and focus on achieving them.But it is easier said than done for is it not true that we may always get what we desire or our efforts always come to fruition. 

Life is continuous and unending struggle.I seem to contradict myself here,but the irony exists.Lets look at it this way.

  • Every being on this earth has prana or a life force associated with them.
  • Not everyone is given the privilege to explore.
  • It is not necessary that every individual who has the opportunity to explore does so.
  • Nor is it necessary that every individual who explores builds up on his experiences and gains from it.
  • There is always the possibility of tripping over a triviality and obsessing over it.

Life is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted.It would be foolhardy to stick a dogmatic approach.It is important to explore and experience.The struggle defines us.Without struggle there would be no prosperity and progress.

In an ideal world people would be happy and spending their time as per their wish,abiding by rules and in general having a good time.Majority of our life is about the good experiences.Yet we spend our time cribbing and worrying about things that may not materialize.

A person in his lifetime experiences a swirl of emotions. Some good, others bad. Bad experiences teach us important lessons.To move on ahead in life taking these experiences is up to the individual.We put ourselves in guilt traps.In short we dig our own trenches and throw away the tools to get out of it.

We yearn for perfection. It is this inbound desire for perfection that makes strive. Yet we forget we are imperfect beings.

To err is human.To err is normal.To accept and move on is exceptional.

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