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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The God particle

Evolution has bestowed upon man the gift of cognition. It is the only species with the ability to think, reason and feel. Sentient and gifted the freedom of thought and expression man has used his superior intellect for the betterment of his life.

 One wonders what is the purpose of life. Compare the life of an average human being to that of a wild animal. An animal lives in the jungle. Given to the vagaries of the wild he fends for himself, forages for food and struggles for habitat.

Jungle law abides to the tenant and uncertainty looms large. A wrong step may cost him his life.Now consider the case of an human being.At birth he is fed, loved and cared for. Over the years his perceptions changes.

He sees the world for himself, gains experiences before the barrage of adulthood crashes in on him. Thereon the life of an individual treads a similar path to an animal. He is to fend for himself. He has to make his choices and earn his living. He is left open to criticisms and every move he makes is scrutinized. He is expected to bear responsibilities and carry the weight of his family. The choices that he makes ,shape his life. If he errs in making these choices his whole lifespan  is thrown into existential crises. In his run to get everything in life he often falters. It is well and truly alarming that he risks losing himself in the multitudes of life.

Time waits for none.Conform to the norm or fade away is the mantra. No wonder man finds himself alone in his struggle.

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