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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Amour t'es la?

a chirpy voice startled him. It was the first day of the tenth standard class and he had occupied the first bench , least expecting to be disturbed. It therefore came as a surprise when somebody actually addressed him. When he looked up he saw that it was a girl. She was late and the class was full. The seat adjacent to him was the only one that was vacant. "Mind if I sit?" she asked and promptly plopped herself on the seat. She was quite friendly and wasted no time in opening up. Within the hour he knew all about her. Her likes, dislikes ,her family ,her pet.Throughout the course of the lecture the girl didn't stop. Just then the teacher called out sharply "You there!". He was dumbfounded as he realised the teacher was pointing at him."Talking non stop. Out I say!!!"she said. Red in the ears, he quietly walked out of the class. It didn't matter much though. He had made a friend that day. It was the start for him.

They were inseparable that day onward. He ,shy and quiet, she very ebullient and talkative. Complete contrast. Day and night. The perfect oddity. It was as if the universe conspired for them to be. He wished to say that to her someday but he dithered. "Not now, not yet " ,he thought, "Wait for sometime."

He liked the look she gave him if he fell out of her line of thought. Lips pursed, her smoky fish eyes bore into him as she folded her arms. The bridge of her nose slightly hooked to the end. Slender frame ,tapering arms ,a little wide at the hips. For him she was the epitome of beauty.

It was her voice that largely attracted him.Dulcet,euphonious and honeyed.Her mellifluous voice was instantly recognisable. Tousled wavy waist length curly hair completed the painting.

One fine day he finally gathered the courage. He bought her a gift .A collection of love songs he had  compiled.Gift,nicely wrapped, he set out to meet her. Just as he put his hand inside into his pocket her mother came round the corner."Tut Tut" she said "Time to go home",and spirited her away.  He wanted to speak out but he dithered "Not now", he thought, "Wait for the right moment".

Over the years they developed a deep bond. Yin and yang.Contrary forces are actually complementary they say. "How true" , he thought.The bud had given way to a refined blossom.Fine sight it was ,the flower in full bloom.Years had only added more refinement to the already fine specimen.

He vividly remembered the day they visited the beach.The weather was perfect.Sunny and full of life.They had picked the perfect spot for themselves.They flew kite that day.The breeze only aided the activity.In no time the kite was up and soaring high in the sky.So did his heart. He held the string,she the spool.Fingers brushed , she smiled."Not now ",he thought,"She knows already.No need to say",he felt.

Life took took them different directions.Work called him up to a new location.A distant city beckoned.They would meet albeit a last time.Lunch it would be.Animated as she always was, throughout the course of the lunch he never took his eyes off her."Not now", he thought."He would keep the faith",smiling inwardly.

The distance took its toll.Late office hours left them little time for the other.The phone rang one fine day."Hola",she said,charming him as she had so many years ago."I have met someone I am quite excited about!"With a sinking feeling he comprehended the gravity of the situation.His heart sank low."So cool",he said,"I am so happy for you."
"Not now",he thought,"Not yet.Wait for sometime.Wait for the right moment.She knows already.No need to say.He would keep the faith.Did he wait too long?",he pondered.

The darkest hour of the night is just before dawn they say. He had been waiting for his dawn long enough.Amour t'es la?Are you there,love? He broke down and the tears never stopped.

What about us?
What about everything we have been through
Is this how you treating me now?
Hope that some day some how
You would be waiting for my call
Ruby don’t you abuse me
Ruby don't wanna lose me
You have me undone
Ruby don’t you confuse me
Don’t you refuse me
Looking into your mind
Your dreams and thoughts
what I might find
what have I got?
Trying to stand on my feet
Now cant you see me for who I am 

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