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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Wait.....

He had no idea how he came to be here but he had been here as far as he could remember.Everything in the room fascinated him.He stared at the fan going round about its motion.Round and round the blades went.He simply was amazed by the sheer number of rotations the fan did in a day.He looked at the light right over him.Click and it come on.Click and it switched off.He looked at the stand beside the bed holding the up turned bottle and the long tube that protruded from the bottle into his arm.Twice a day the bottle was changed.Twice a day he was cleaned.It was the highlight of his day.The days were slow indeed.

He could clearly make out the Bend Number 11 marked on the wall beside where he lay. He tried and tried to decipher it but would always end up confused and dazed. It was not that he didn't try hard enough.He put a lot a lot of effort into it sometimes days looking at it.Maybe if he just looked at it long enough it would reveal to him to him someday but so far it had been fruitless.He kept at it though hoping each day that he might get lucky.

The people around his bed changed constantly and they always had somebody along with them.Some people  were friendly and kind and had the patience to come over. At times they handed over sweets.Some were stoic and barely gave a glance or looked away as soon as he made eye contact. .He wondered why they did that. Some flinched and moved away others sniggered. He liked the kind people and hoped that they stayed longer but it was not the case always.

He was well resigned to the monotony of his being.Faces barely registered and they passed in a rush. Only face that he could recall was that of a lively women who used to visit when he was younger. His eyes would liven up at the very sight of her. Her voice felt so delightful to his ears.Full of concern she talked to him and tenderly held him in her lap,little as he was back then.It always felt terrible when she left. She was a stranger he could not forget. He could not fathom what wrong he did but she stopped visiting him. Her visits became infrequent then stopped altogether.He knew not how much time it was since she last visited her but he longed for her. Her memory was still fresh in his memory. Sometimes he cried out in desperation. He became restless. He kicked about tossed around, flung his arms and lunged at anyone who would approach him.He would then be jabbed in the hip. Drowsiness overcame him immediately and he would sleep. He wished the woman would come to him again. The wait was excruciatingly long........

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