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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Shadows that linger

The mighty tree grows to enormous proportions.Its trunk thick and brown supports its huge crown.Wider and wider its branches grow, deeper and deeper the roots go.Unshakeable and sound the tree stays firm over its ground. Rising from the depths to heights hitherto unseen, towering over the rest in a splendid scene.

The tree has its humble beginnings.The non-descript start that nobody knows of. The ebullient youth that you only hear of. Haughty undoubtedly proud, no matter what, the tree wont sway. The wind will bow to its way. Come hail,come storm,come rain, come and batter its frame. In all the tree stands tall. It promises never to fall. Standing through the night ,standing through the day it will have its say.
Paradox abound with the tree around. Firm in frame but mild in manner. The tree is a sanctum. Birds roost, young-lings hatch.The godmother watched over them all ,caring ,nurturing ,sheltering.Unerring in its watch it stayed vigilant. Enduring for the sake of the children it bore not.Its affection not always fathomable but truly appreciated in time. Bearer of fruit,giver of wisdom, the guide of life through the strife.

Lightening strikes quick and swift.The tree is laid hollow and bare.A sight to behold in full bloom but now it is all gloom.The tree is missing but the shadow still lingers.....
Rest in peace Parab aunty ,will miss you.Forever in heart.Goodbye teacher.

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