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Monday, 12 January 2015

Food for Thought-My First Blog.

 As I sit in my office waiting for work (elusive) my ebullient 22 year mind conjures the idea of blogging.Now blogging is something that was at the back of my mind for a long time.I had been putting it off for a variety of reasons (chief of them being laziness). I finally put ink in my quill(well not literally and not really for the first time ,I had made half a dozen half hearted attempts earlier) and start blogging (months of frustation does take its toll!!!). Offcourse starting my blog at 22 does put me at the end of the legions of bloggers but a start is always a start. So here it goes. My first blog.
What do I write about?

It does hit me that if I had started blogging earlier I would have probably been able to give a better account of my roller coster life (engineering/IT professional).Many ups and many downs.But I finally see the lighter side of life(finally).
The best way to journey through life is to take it with a pinch of salt.Life is not always bed of roses as is often portrayed. It is harsh on some and seemingly easy on others. The best way to navigate through it is to pick and choose the moments you want to cherish and let go of those that dont really matter (read hurt a lot).
Life is a journey with some roads bumpy while some very smooth.Hard times teach you important lessons.Acceptance and candour more often than not get out you out of tough spots. Man chases pleasures and these pleasures make way for pain sooner or later .An amalgation of emotions,experiences is the esssence of life.

Perfection is but a mirage.We can chase and chase and the closer we get to it the farther it appears to go.The real challenge is get up and keep running every time life beats you down.Never be a prisoner of circumstances rather sail through the turbulent times......


  1. Nice first post Tejas! I am sure, you have a long way to go with blogging. Life is all about sharing and most importantly sharing your experiences with others!