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Sunday, 25 January 2015

All in a day...

Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep.......
The sound of the alarm clock woke her from her slumber. The display put the time at 5:00 am. Not that she really needed an alarm, she was so habituated that she would have woken up by herself. She lay on the bed collecting her thoughts. This was her favourite part of the day.She liked the serenity and the calm that the morning offered, so different from the torrent she faced during the day. She looked at the little one sleeping peacefully. A smile arched on his lips as he seemed to have a pleasant dream.

All in a day

She hurried as she realized she was running late and had to make breakfast and tiffin as well. She labored on the stove as it seemed to be running out. She realized that although she had put kerosene the stove was sputtering. The time to buy a new stove had come but would she would have to make do for today. She did her ablutions and set about making breakfast for the family. Her mother-in-law would help her in the activities but nowadays she was weak and frail mostly bedridden. The little one had to be bathed and dressed for school. She could see him lolling over the mattress. She gently coaxed him out of the bed. Groggy he stumbled into the bathroom and made feeble attempts to brush his teeth. She realized that the little one would need help with that too. She brushed his teeth and helped him gargle. She quickly bathed him and dressed for school. Freshly ironed clothes were ready in a neat stack. She pulled on his pants and buttoned his shirt. Just then the boy started throwing a tantrum. It seems he had forgotten his homework and dreaded facing his teacher. She carried him over to the bus stand and made it just in time as the school bus was about to leave. She waved her child goodbye and hurried home to make tea for the family. Sugar-free for the father-in-law was diabetic. Her life was tied to the hands of the clock as she literally ran for the 10 o'clock bus. 

She was not so lucky this time as she missed the bus by a fraction as she saw the tail of the bus as it rounded the corner. She winced in silent pain as the tail of the bus seemed to be mocking her. This would be the third time this month and the new superviser was not as tolerant. She reached the office half an hour late. "Hurry to your station", growled the supervisor, "You are late again". She made an apologetic gesture and took up her station silently. She worked at the mall helping customers make up their minds about different hair products. Mostly it was rich women fussing over hair products. Fortune gave them liberty to do so. Occasionally a starry eyed teen crossed the aisle asking for advice on hair products. She tried to be patient with them all,faking a calm she did not feel. Once she had to deal with a pervert ogling over her. She looked at the time and realized her son must have returned home from school. The grandmother was there to pick him up, she was glad for that.

As evening approached she checked out of the mall. The supervisor grimaced as she made her way out. She worked her way towards the Le Meridian where she served food. The restaurant served the uber rich and the clientele tipped generously. She was fair and it helped securing this job. She smiled as she looked at the happy families.Mothers preening their sons and daughters as the rambunctious children chased each other around.

She thanked heavens as she caught the bus and occupied the seat.She almost dozed and missed her stop but got down just as the bus was pulling away.She reached home and started preparing dinner and sighed again at the sputtering stove.After dinner she washed the plates and utensils of the day.As she made for bed she looked  at the little one sleeping peacefully. A smile arched on his lips as he seemed to have some pleasant dream.She fell asleep as soon as she was on the mat.

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